Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dream: Outpatient Waiting Room

I approach the elevator with my wife and daughter. I'm dismayed to see a crowd in front of it, jostling toward the opening door and then entering. But then several people in front of me hold back. They're a group that wishes to ride together, and they urge me to go forward. My wife and daughter are already on board, but the doors close before I get on. No matter -- I'll catch up with them.

Now I'm in a doctor's waiting room. I'm sitting across from my wife and daughter, who entered a few minutes before me due to my missed elevator ride. Next to me is an attractive woman. She's enticingly close, pressed against my left side, warm and comfortable. Well, comfortable for us, but perhaps not for my wife. I steal a glance at my wife every so often, but she doesn't seem to be bothered by my closeness with the woman.

Now the woman is stroking my arm, my thigh, my chest. She is wonderfully affectionate and attentive toward me. And then she starts running her lovely fingers through the hair on my chest, which is now bare. She gently tugs out small tufts of hair and put them on my lips. I kiss reflexively. Still my wife doesn't mind.

I enjoy this blissful situation, but I realize it's gone too far. So I tell her that I have to go to the bathroom, excuse myself, get up and leave the waiting room.

Out in the hospital hallway, I realize I really do have to go to the bathroom. I strike off in a promising direction. I go through a door that opens into a vast, brightly lit laboratory area. The doorway is on the second story. Connected to the doorway is a slowly curving structure of white metal with fittings -- not something one could walk on well. So I navigate it as a child would climb down monkey bars. There are small basins attached to the structure. I consider peeing into one of these basins, but I realize it might not be appropriate.

I decide to turn around and go back into the hallway to try another way. I see another door -- large, brown and unmarked. I open it and go through. Just as it's closing, I hear a man's scream that's approaching quickly. I suddenly realize that I entered the psyche ward! I turn around to go back, but this side of the door is smooth, lacking a doorknob. It's closed now, but I didn't hear the latch catch. So gingerly I pry my fingernails into the crack of the door. I manage to open it and squeeze through quickly.

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