Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wednesday Weigh-In 20141218

The upcoming Winter Solstice this year will coincide with the December New Moon. So right now, both Moon and Sun are waning. It might seem strange, incredible or ridiculous, but I can sense the ebb and flow of energy associated with the moon phase and the seasons. Right now I feel Life Force spiraling away. It's as if I'm watching a movie played on an old fashioned reel-to-reel projector, and the film is slipping, showing a blur. I really just want to lie on the floor, close my eyes tight and Breathe for a few days. I hope you are doing much better than this!

Waist = 40.75"
Height = 5' 9"

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  2. Tanita Scale with Body Fat monitor
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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wednesday Weigh-In 20141210

My latest indulgence is frozen raw cookie dough. I purchased some from a coworker whose daughter was selling them as a fundraiser. Much to my delight, I found that the dough had been pre-formed into cookie shape, making it easy to break off one or two at a time. The first time I ate some, I was really hungry and ate eight of them, in rapid succession. Gosh, my stomach hurt after that! But now I find that just one or two cookies is satisfying. Maybe this is the way I have to eat cookies. When I eat baked cookies, I cannot stop at just two.

Waist = 40.75"
Height = 5' 9"

  1. Wikipedia BMI page
  2. Tanita Scale with Body Fat monitor
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Friday, December 5, 2014

Wednesday Weigh-In 20141205

I had a bizarre instance of insomnia on Wednesday night. I was really tired after work and on the way home, and I wanted to skip supper and go to bed. But after I finally did go to bed, I started to get increasing energized, and I felt hot. I wonder if I was energized by the waxing full moon.

Waist = 40.75"
Height = 5' 9"

  1. Wikipedia BMI page
  2. Tanita Scale with Body Fat monitor
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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dream: Carport Rooftop Deck

I'm outside in my backyard at night.  I'm wearing slippers.  I notice some motion in the next door neighbor's yard, like an animal moving about.  I aim my small flashlight at it.  Eventually I can make out that the moving figure is human and furthermore that it's my neighbor.  He's barefoot and wearing pajamas.  He's sleepwalking.  I follow him for a short time, but then he goes into his house.

It's the next day.  I'm standing on (or next to) the roof of my carport, which is adjacent to the house.  We're trying to have a deck built here, on top of the carport.  But so far all we have is the frame, the joists, and many timbers and boards that are to be nailed onto the joists.  We're waiting for the workers to complete the job.  I walk around a bit gingerly, because it occurs to me that one misstep could cause a board to fall onto my car, which is parked directly below me.  I find one board that's typical and put it where I think it should go, and I'm alarmed to find that it's a couple of feet too short.  I begin to suspect that the workers know about the problem and abandoned the project after discovering it.

Now I'm on the ground.  I see two cats that are identical except for color.  They're both mostly white, but one has thin red stripes and the other has thin blue stripes.  The stripes are different colors, but the patterns are the same .  Their eyes are creepy, however.  They seem like bloated raisins, sticking out of their heads and so bloated that I'm afraid they'll burst.  I know that the cats belong to the next door neighbor, and the one with the blue pattern is the favorite of the attractive, young, blue-eyed blonde.  So I pick it up and walk over to their house.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

NoBloPoMo 2014 Wrap Up

I completed this year's National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo 2014.  I felt that this year was more challenging because: I had less time than ever before; I no longer participate in "Shadow Shot Sundays" (which essentially gave me four, easy, thought-free posts); and I'm much more lazy than ever.

Nevertheless, I have some unrealized ideas for posts as I do every year.  Here are some of the topics I had planned to write about:
  1. Gender wage gap
  2. Why is Thankfulness a Challenge?
  3. From Christian to Pagan
  4. The Right to Vote and Serve on a Jury
  5. When We Use "We"
  6. How I Actually Spent My Staycation
  7. Photos of the Views from My Drive to Work
  8. Things I've Not Done But Would Like To Try
  9. My List of Must-See Movies
  10. A Really Bad Lollipop
 As I did last year, I invite you to let me know which ones you'd like me to write about first.  

BTW, I was very impressed with my next-door neighbor's blog, "Being Weirdly Awesome" as well as Snoskred's own NaBloPoMo blogroll.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Bad Dog

In the movie, "A Christmas Story," there's a brief but memorable scene in which several dogs barge in and steal the roasted Christmas turkey prior to the meal.

We had our own ravenous dog scene, except that this involved just one dog and a three-quarter pound of leg of lamb for Thanksgiving that was left over after carving.  So fortunately, it didn't spoil the Thanksgiving meal because I'd already sliced most of it, but it did leave me without enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

The biggest problem is that the hunk of meat was still in the netting when he ate it.  And so the dog ate the netting, too.  A foreign object like string in a dog's digestive system can be a serious problem as this article describes.  I found some netting in his poop this morning, but I think there's more inside.  Hopefully he'll be okay.  He's eating well and pooping well, and I don't see blood in the stool.

That would be something -- mad at the dog for eating about $8 of meat plus having to pay for abdominal surgery on top of that.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Collecting Found Objects

Yet another quirk I have is that I maintain a collection of unusual natural items, which includes small things such as cat whiskers and claws, feathers, nut shells (hickory and pistachio are my favorites) as well as larger items such as tree branches and rocks.

I imagine that the objects have a certain energy in them and that I'm a shaman who's able to tap into these energies, combine them and create Objects of Power with them.

At the very least, these objects can be used to adorn a wreath, picture frame or some other craft item.  Cat whiskers also have the very practical value of making good applicators of liquid adhesive or paint when a very fine bead is needed.  I can imagine creating a Cat Mask that uses actual cat whiskers.

Here's a photo of the smallest of my collections.   My daughter keeps the fur in her own collection in her room.  Larger items such as turkey feathers and sheets of bark are in a different collection.  The tree limb is all by itself on the porch.

Do you like to collect anything?  What do you collect and why?