Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dream: The ATV

I'm outside facing the road. I notice that a yellow vehicle is racing down the road from my right to my left.

At first I think that this is an emergency vehicle responding to a call because of how fast it's going and how it's crossing the centerline of the road. But when it runs into a grassy divider, I realize that it's an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV).

Another car approaches from the opposite direction and makes a left hand turn. I anticipate a crash, but the ATV stops on the divider just in time to avoid the crash.

The ATV now is driving in circles counter-clockwise on the circular median. It's going incredibly fast, digging into the grass and dirt. In fact, it is digging a huge hole about 30 feet in diameter. When it gets about 20 feet down, it stops. How will it get out? It climbs very slowly up the dirt wall that it made, seemingly cautious in case there are any cars or pedestrians nearby.

Finally out of the hole, the driver dismounts, and he takes a bow to an applauding audience.

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