Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Not a Virus

In my latest Weigh-In post, I mentioned that I felt unwell, but that I wasn't sure if it was from a virus or from eating wild mushrooms.

Well, I doubt it's a virus. I sauteed another bowl of Hen of the Woods last night and ate it. Today I have the same bloating, gurgly-guts feeling as before. Perhaps a bit worse. But no worries. I have had far worse symptoms from stomach viruses, so in that sense I'm lucky. On the other hand, the joy of finding something delicious to eat in my own backyard has definitely abated.

I don't have a picture of that particular mushroom that I ate -- it was a lovely specimen. But here's a picture of a Chicken of the Woods we found near our home that we were eating at about the same time...

Haha, silly cat. They pop up when you least expect them, don't they? Okay, let's try that again...

I won't be surprised if my waist measurement is abnormally high for this week's Weigh-In.

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