Monday, July 16, 2012

Tired of Summer Attire

Every summer I see folks go out into public in appalling fashion.  It's as if they've just stepped out of the bath and threw on whatever they had handy.

It's the flimsy footwear that actually troubles me the most.  I just get the feeling that these folks are wearing some planks on their feet that are liable to fall off at any moment.  "How do they manage to walk?"  I wonder to myself.  What if they had to hike through some rough terrain, or scale a rocky cliff, or even chase after a haughty ice cream truck?

I guess that's the thing about summer.  It's the time of year that folks don't hike, don't scale, don't run.  They just indolently shuffle along like a five year old boy wearing his father's slippers.

If the saber-toothed tiger ever makes a comeback, these folks will be the first of our species to become extinct.

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