Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dream: Carport Rooftop Deck

I'm outside in my backyard at night.  I'm wearing slippers.  I notice some motion in the next door neighbor's yard, like an animal moving about.  I aim my small flashlight at it.  Eventually I can make out that the moving figure is human and furthermore that it's my neighbor.  He's barefoot and wearing pajamas.  He's sleepwalking.  I follow him for a short time, but then he goes into his house.

It's the next day.  I'm standing on (or next to) the roof of my carport, which is adjacent to the house.  We're trying to have a deck built here, on top of the carport.  But so far all we have is the frame, the joists, and many timbers and boards that are to be nailed onto the joists.  We're waiting for the workers to complete the job.  I walk around a bit gingerly, because it occurs to me that one misstep could cause a board to fall onto my car, which is parked directly below me.  I find one board that's typical and put it where I think it should go, and I'm alarmed to find that it's a couple of feet too short.  I begin to suspect that the workers know about the problem and abandoned the project after discovering it.

Now I'm on the ground.  I see two cats that are identical except for color.  They're both mostly white, but one has thin red stripes and the other has thin blue stripes.  The stripes are different colors, but the patterns are the same .  Their eyes are creepy, however.  They seem like bloated raisins, sticking out of their heads and so bloated that I'm afraid they'll burst.  I know that the cats belong to the next door neighbor, and the one with the blue pattern is the favorite of the attractive, young, blue-eyed blonde.  So I pick it up and walk over to their house.

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