Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Dream: No More Room For Drafting Table

I'm in my new apartment.  It's small, but I can get all my stuff into it.  It will do nicely.

New scene: Now my apartment is a large single room that's partitioned into four separate little apartments, like an office space with cubicles.  Still I'm able to get everything important inside.  I have my bed and my drafting table, plus a little space to prepare meals.  So I'm all set.

But now my neighbor shows up, and he decides that the partition between my apartment and his needs to move to make his apartment bigger.  The move seems fair since his space was smaller than mine.  But now my space is too small to fit everything inside.  I decide that my drafting table will have to move out.  I decide to move it into the common area, and I tell the others about it so that they don't get upset.  There's no objection to my moving the table into the common area.

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