Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My First Reiki Session

I had my first Reiki session right after work today with Catherine, the same Reiki Master who worked on my wife and daughter.

I was so relaxed, even before she started. The room was lit softly and evenly, so there were no scary shadows. Music and water sounds played on a CD. And soothing incense burned. I started melting as soon as I got on the table. But I was alert.

Catherine started by testing to see whether my chakras were blocked. She did this by holding an amethyst crystal from a chain above each chakra. If the crystal moved in a circular pattern, the chakra was open. If not, it was closed. Only my top three chakras were open, the crown, third eye and throat, although the throat was weak. She said that was pretty typical.

Then she started. Catherine's hands were very warm, and that's the only energy I felt. I kept my eyes closed most of the time. She started by standing behind the head end of the table, placing her hands on my head and partly on my forehead. Then she moved to work on my left side, feet, right side. She stayed in each spot for about five minutes. Sometimes I felt her shake slightly before leaving an area.

When she was working on my left arm, I suddenly remembered that my wife said that our daughter giggled during her session. Then I felt like giggling, because it seemed funny / strange that this woman was just standing next to me with one hand on my arm and the other on my hand. I never felt so giddy and happy at that moment. I held back a laugh, though and merely smiled.

Another thing that I experienced was I saw a clear image in my mind of a green sea sponge. Perhaps I was on the verge of dozing off. I don't think I ever actually feel asleep, though.

My wife said that when she was treated she felt or saw another presence in the room next to Catherine. Catherine told her that it was her spirit guide. So I peeked a few times to see if I could see the spirit guide. I did not. But I had the strange perception that Catherine felt a whole lot closer than she appeared. Visually, she seemed a few feet further away from me than she was.

When it was over, she re-did the chakra test and demonstrated that they were all open. Except that the navel one didn't seem to go unless she moved her hand. She also commented that she felt that my right side needed more energy. The right side pertains to fathers, so folks who have a difficult relationship with their fathers need more work on the right side. (The left side pertains to mothers). I explained that my father died more than 20 years ago and wondered whether it might indicate a problem with a male boss?

I took me a while to sit up and then to stand. I felt the way I do when I give blood, only a bit less sure footed. When giving blood, it's the light-headed-ness that dominates. With the Reiki session, it was light-everything-ness that made standing and walking chancy. The fact is, you do need some muscle tension to stand erect. But my muscles were happy to let the bones in my skeleton to just sort of stack themselves up like a tower of dominoes.

But muscle tension increased as soon as I got home. After supper, I went to the gym to work out. While doing the elliptical machine, I had near crippling back pain on the right side. My guess is that if the muscles don't tense back up at the same rate, you can get some twisting and uneven pressure in spots.

While writing this I did an online search for "Chakra Test" and came up with an online questionnaire. Here are my results, which seem to correspond to my pre-Reiki state:
Third Eye:open(56%)

The advice for opening the chakras is interesting....

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