Monday, October 13, 2008

Dream: Canal Journey

I'm a crew member of a boat.  We're traveling in a long canal.

There is no wind, so we need to get out into the water and pull the boat.  There are cables that we can grab onto.

The whole area appears to be a bright interior, like a marble hall in part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

Now we need to turn around and go back.  We can ride in the boat for this.  I've done this route a few times, but we're taking a different path.  I know we go downhill, but I suddenly see that this path is a great deal steeper.  It looks like we're at the top of an escalator, with the two moving handrails.  But this is even steeper than a typical escalator.  It's almost a sheer dropoff.

But we're going down before I can react.  And it's actually very fun!

We get to our destination very quickly.  It's actually a supermarket.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a somewhat calculated risk. Something you would consider but when forced to you find out it's actually quite fun.

I love trying to interpret my own dreams and I like reading about other people's dreams.

Anonymous said...

I seem to get more comments on dreams than on regular posts. I'm surprised but glad.

I got the idea to post dreams from two folks: 1. a friend who has a separate Live Journal account devoted just to her dreams; 2. the blog "Dark Side of the Moon," which I have a link to in my side bar. Also I used to keep a written dream journal.

Calculated risk, yes it sounds like it. A year ago I started reading books on career change. They write about folks who were scared to quit their safe careers and follow their dreams. That's what this seems like, now that you mention it.

Thanks so much!