Monday, August 17, 2009

Castle Retreat, Real Estate Co-op and Shriveled Toes

I'm in the kitchen in the house I grew up in. But I'm an adult.

I take off my socks and notice that a few of my toes are different. I have six toes on one foot, and two are shriveled. And on the other foot, the second toe is also shriveled down, raisin-like. I massage the toe and make it a bit bigger. It's completely numb. I need to call my doctor, but it's evening. I realize I'll reach the on-call doctor, not my real doctor. I think to myself that it's a shame I left my socks on during my wellness exam a few weeks ago. We might've seen this.

I'm in a large room with stone walls with a group of people. There are tables and chairs, so it's like a library or an art room. A young woman is talking to us about the history of the place. I see that she is reading from handwritten pages in a notebook. I wonder if she invented the history she's telling us. It looks to me like she just wrote some fantasy in pencil and is now reading it off to us. Someone asks a detailed question about trolls, and I look at the walls again, wondering if a troll is pretending to be a wall. The walls are amazingly tall, several stories high, and there are a paintings hung, separated by about ten feet in height. She then tells us to write a word on a piece of artwork. The artwork is some posterboard that someone painted a design on. I notice everyone is writing nouns lightly in pencil, as if the words will be erased. I have a wax pencil. All I can think of are adjectives. I'm not sure if I should use pencil and if I have to also write a noun. I'm trying to think of an engineering-related word because I think the woman will use the words in a story that she'll write, and I want to influence it. Finally I choose "formula." I see myself write the "FOR" in thick, greasy marks.

I arrive at an outdoor location where a group of people are meeting. It's my first time there. The female leader is announcing that people need to have a will or something else will be used instead. Another woman doesn't have the will, so she hands back a large piece of paper that's the alternative. As I listen, it appears that the group is about to purchase some land. They ask if I want to own the land, too. I think it's not a good idea, being that I've only just arrived to check the group out, and I don't know what's going on. I say as much, but the woman is very friendly and inviting. I walk with them to see the land they're purchasing. We have to cross the street. Or perhaps it's just a long driveway because there isn't any traffic. Also, it's winter, and some parts that we walk across are slippery with snow and ice and slush. We all walk abreast holding hands. I'm supporting a woman on my left and another on my right, keeping my arms high and rigid, in case either of them fall. And I'm jokingly asking them to make sure I don't fall.

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