Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Gift For That Special Abnormal Person

As I was gift shopping for my daughter, I saw this and knew it was the perfect gift, so I ordered it:

But now I'm thinking I should've ordered more than one copy. I can think of several more people who might appreciate it, and of course, it's something I should own. I suspect many of my readers will also find it indispensable.


Tirsden Frozenrayn said...

Bookmarked it. I'm likin' that price, and definitely the potential content. ^__^

Happy Present Day, you not normal person you! 8D

...from the gamerthing who is waay waay behind on reading yourstuffs. ^^;;

Square Peg Guy said...

Low price and free shipping. Pick up some cat money, too!

Happy Present Day to you, too!