Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In 20100324

I seemed to be doing well in terms of exercising and eating well. But every so often, I have this strange experience. It involves a source of chocolate or sweets, and two opposing entities -- my thoughts and my body.

My thoughts will tell me that I'm not hungry, and that I don't need chocolate, and so on.

My thoughts will be saying this to me (with increasing intensity) while my body is walking toward the chocolate ("No, you're not actually hungry."), opening the container ("You don't need that chocolate."), grabbing a handful ("Stop!"), walking back to my desk ("Get a drink of water or have some tea, instead."), unwrapping each individual piece ("Really. I mean it."), and, of course, popping the piece into my mouth ("Oh screw it").

Don't know why I'm mentioning this really, unless it's to find out if this happens to anyone else?

Waist = 38.25"
Height = 5' 9"

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  2. Tanita Scale with Body Fat monitor
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