Friday, April 2, 2010

Dream: Witch at the Abandoned School

I walk toward the house next door to use the bathroom. But then my feet follow a path up and toward the back of our adjoining properties. The stonework is fabulous -- cobblestones were used for walls and retaining walls and even the structures themselves.

I notice the entrance to the school. I expect that it's locked. So I extend my arm several yards toward it to try to open it. It is indeed locked. But then I notice a woman standing behind the door. She's the cleaning lady with a mop or a broom. I also notice that the school looks very run down, as if it hasn't been used in years, even though my daughter attends the school regularly.

I get closer. I notice the woman is wearing a black robe and black pointy hat -- the quintessential witch outfit. Opening the door she invites me, "Come on in my deary!" using a tone of voice that's been made to sound like a normal person imitating a witch. She's trying to convince me that there's a Halloween party going on inside. But I don't believe her. I know she really is a witch. But I am not scared because she would have no power over me unless I crossed the threshold. However, I do have to pee desperately. I even squat down briefly, exhausted from trying to hold it in. But this causes some pee to spray out onto the mat below.

The urge to pee over, I back away. I realize that I, too, have power. I decide to demonstrate that I'm not a typical human. So I start to rise into the air, spinning slowly, and then I fly about. I'm surrounded by white light. Vague thoughts come to me that I'm flying in my dream and that I'm traveling astrally, but I'm not fully lucid.

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