Thursday, April 1, 2010

April is [lots of stuff] Awareness Month

Today I had planned to repeat my April is Autism Awareness Month post. But then I recalled that April is also Sjogren's Awareness Month.

Curious as to how many things we're supposed to be aware of in April, I did a search on Yahoo. I figured I would include a list of all of them. But that was before I saw the search results, 64.7 million in all. And besides, there already is such a listing. Unfortunately, the authors of that list are not actually aware that April is Autism Awareness Month. Go figger.

What I found especially annoying was the top-most entry in the results is for Mathematics Awareness Month. It's not that I dislike math -- actually I think it's really neat. But it's the fact that someone decided it was necessary to devote an entire month to making us aware of it. Perhaps I'm mistaken, but isn't that what school is for? And besides, those of us in the engineering profession get only a measly week, and some folks still think engineers drive trains.

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