Monday, March 14, 2011

Dream: Dog Operating Theatre

My wife and I are in a prison. The room is not a jail cell, though. It's more like an examination room, as if we're waiting to be processed. My wife is saying that she's getting (electrical) shocks from (touching) things. Then the lights go out, and I realize that there may be a serious electrical problem. The wiring may be reversed so that the ground is energized.

I tell my wife to stand in the center of the room, away from any metal objects. I raise my hands over my head and spread my fingers like tree branches and feel a tingling in my fingers. Yes, we're energized. I squat down and curl myself into a small ball and tell my wife to do the same. This will minimize the surface area and prevent discharges.

But I also realize that we have to get out. I don't want us to be left inside when everyone else evacuates. At first I'm afraid to upset my wife and start panic. But then I shout, "Let us out!" I stand up and walk to a window. I see prison guards and workers walking past the window. I wave and shout, trying to catch their attention.

Finally, someone comes for us and let's us out. We have total freedom, but we don't go too far from the guards and other workers. We walk with them to another wing of the building.

Now we have our dog with us, and he needs an operation. There is an operating room being set up. All around the perimeter of where the room will be, there is a burgundy tarp placed on ground / floor, which is green like grass. The tarp will be raised to form a wall before the operation begins. An operating table is in the center of this large area.

The dog is now on the table with a light blue paper blanket covering him. During the operation, the doctor will inject him with electricity. A nurse is near me looking outside. She starts counting quietly 1... 2... 3. Thunder cracks the air. Now the nurse has a stopwatch and she's timing the lightening and thunder. I'm very concerned. Are they really going to attempt this operation during a lightening storm? Or is that how the operation is performed, like some sort of Frankenstein operation?

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