Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In 20110323

My latest fun thing is to make Maple Syrup soda. I simply coat the bottom of a glass with 100% Maple Syrup (about 2 tablespoons) and then slowly pour in seltzer from a height of about four to six inches above the rim of the glass. You get a nice soda replacement with a sweet foamy head.

Both Maple Syrup and seltzer are favored on my SWAMI diet. If you're Blood Type O, they might be for you, too.

BTW, I goofed on the title of my previous weigh-in post. I put the date as 3/26 instead of 3/16.

Waist = 37.25"
Height = 5' 9"

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Peppermint Twist said...

Whew, doggies, I'm all about GTD-compliant homemade sodas and that one sounds creative and imaginative, so kudos to you. A little organic lemon or lime might brighten it up as well as cutting the sweetness a little, but I'm not sure what such an acidic infusion might do to the foamy head effect, which I agree is a lovely thong in a soda. I haven't made my "Berry Berry Good" elderberry soda in a while, but I seem to recall a lovely lavendar head on it, even though I add a generous amount of lemon or lime juice. Eeenyhoo, rock on and enjoy your maple soda. Maple is a unique and delish flav, I must say. I wonder if your maple soda is at all reminiscent of root beer...probably not. Like I said, maple is unique and distinctive, bless it.

Peppermint Twist said...

P.S. Typo correction: *cringe*, make that "...a lovely thing in a soda", not "...a lovely thong in a soda". Typing this with my thumbs on my smartphone, so please forgive me.

Peppermint Twist said...

P.P.S. Well, I'm awfully chatty tonight for someone typing with her thumbs and having a bout of pulsatile tinnitus in her left ear, aren't I? Just wanted to add for other BTD/GTDers, if maple syrup isn't compliant for you, you could try substituting either dark raw agave nectar or honey. Again, especially if you use one of those instead of the maple, I'd throw in a dash of lemon or lime. Honey and lemon is a classic combo, and agave and lime us also a classic pairing. For the maple, it could go solo or be jazzed up, all depending on what strikes an individual's fancy.

Me, I've embarked on a carrot juice phase as of yesterday.

Square Peg Guy said...

Hi PT!

Thanks so much for commenting! You do an amazing job with that smartphone!

The seltzer I was using was lemon / lime flavored. But I have no problem with excess sweetness. I love sweet things! I would drink the maple syrup straight from the bottle if it weren't $20 per quart (store brand price).

The mixture looks a lot like ginger ale, but tastes somewhat like cream soda.

Peppermint Twist said...

Yum, cream soda! Thank you for reminding me of Hoffberg's Deli in Bethesda, MD. Long live Hoffberg's! ...If it is even still there. I ate many reubens, bagels with nova lox, bowls of matzah ball soup, and other wonders there, and drank quite a few vats of cream soda, too. I didn't know from wheat lectins back then.