Thursday, May 5, 2011

Keeper of the Brain

On Saturday I attended my first meeting of the Council of the Whistling Elk. One of our activities was Lynn Andrews' Keeper of the Brain meditation.

The idea is to meet and talk with the being in our brain who wishes to protect us but, in so doing, sometimes limits us in some way.

Here's a summary of my experience.

First of all, my brain is quite a vast, vacant place! And dark.

The being that appeared didn't approach me. It instead materialized slowly. And all I ever saw was the head. It seemed scared of the intensely dramatic music and would fade away as the music swelled. When the tape went silent at the halfway point, the head became permanent.

This was a small head, with short dark brown hair, large dark brown eyes and very pale face -- a young boy, perhaps. His eyes were open wide with a mixture of wonder and fear, it seemed. His name came to me as Brian, so I have a Brian in my Brain. And a head in my head.

His message to me was this: stick to the diet.

It's very motivating to have the Keeper of one's Brain telling one to stick to one's diet.

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