Monday, May 14, 2012

Dream: Dog Obedience Vote on the Postcard

I'm at the polling place to vote on the town referendum.  I have the postcard that was mailed to me.  The vote concerns whether there should be a law that all dogs get formal obedience training.  I begin writing on the postcard.  For this vote, I write out my detailed opinion on the matter.  But I'm having trouble concentrating.  A few other people are asking me about my vote.  I tell them, "I'm writing it out now.  You can watch me and find out."

So they're standing in front of me, looking down at what I'm writing.  I'm trying to write that the law shouldn't go into effect and that, instead, if a dog's behavior leads to injury or damage, the owner's fine should be substantial.

I'm having trouble keeping my thoughts straight.  Not only is it hard to concentrate when people are watching me write, it's also very noisy.  Finally I get up, saying, "I can't concentrate.  I'm going to find a quiet place to sit and write."

I wander around the room .  Apparently it's a school cafeteria.  There are places to sit, but it's still noisy and crowded.  I leave the room and wander the halls looking for a classroom.  As I'm approaching an exit, I see solid, dark, wooden, double-doors on my left.  A sign on the left door reads, "THIS CLOSET MUST OPEN TO HALLWAY".

It doesn't sound promising, but I open the right-hand door, which reveals another door.  I have some foreboding that I might get locked in the room.  So I carefully prop the first door open with my foot while I open the inner door.  This reveals a very large, industrial-looking room.  There is no furniture -- just a few large overhead fume hoods that suspend from the ceiling.  I guess this is where they have shop class.

Although it's not what I was looking for in terms of a place to think and write, I decide to enter.  I check that the first door behind me is unlocked and that, if it closes behind me, I will be able to reopen it.  Then I do the same with the inner door.


Tirsden Frozenrayn said...

Interesting. O.o Reading and writing is often difficult in dreams anyways, I read somewhere that it's because it's a different part of the brain that isn't usually "turned on" when you're asleep. I don't know how valid that actual statement was, but it does make a bit of sense when I think of the trouble I've had both reading and writing in dreams. And then some dreams it works fine... go fig.

Long time no read! *waves*

Square Peg Guy said...


Yes reading is so difficult that it's used by lucid dreamers as a test to determine if they're dreaming.

But another thing that's supposedly hard to do is to say your own name. But I've been able to do this a couple of times.

Thanks for commenting!