Friday, February 8, 2013

Dream: Kow Tow of the Pastor in the Sand

I'm at a public beach on a hot sunny day.  I'm watching the assistant Pastor.  [He looks a lot older than he is in real life.]  A beautiful young woman is walking toward him.  He bows.  "Wow, he must really like her," I think to myself.  But then I see him turn and then get on his hands and knees.

He starts to Kow Tow toward the East for a mid-day offering of prayer.  The woman says, "You take after my own heart," meaning that she also loves and worships G-d.  But the Pastor ignores her.

He is red in the face and has some sand stuck to it.  There is some sand in his mouth, too.  He touches his tongue to the sand with great reluctance.

[This followed from an earlier religious dream called "You Need a Doubter" that I've mostly forgotten.  But what follows is what I remember of it....]
I'm in the church office with the Pastor and Assistant Pastor.  It's like a job interview.  It becomes clear to them (and me) pretty quickly that my knowledge of the Bible and Christianity in general is too limited to make me a good person to hire.  Besides, I'm not much of a believer.  But then I reason to them that they need someone who doubts the religion in order to make them strive harder for more convincing sermons.

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