Friday, February 8, 2013

Dream: Little Ancient Holy Reverence in White

I'm sitting in the same room with KR, the former church organist.  She is practicing an organ piece.  As I observe, she not only rehearses the notes, but also the stops and switches on the console.  She gets up, but the music keeps playing!  She must've set it to repeat what she played before.  I didn't know she did that!

I'm sitting is a small pew.  It's a two-seater.  I have my clothes (jacket) on the right part of the bench.  Someone is sitting next to me in a chair on my left.  She is my girlfriend, perhaps.

I'm sort of spacing out.  But then I notice a priest with dark hair approach the double glass doorway that's suddenly right in front of me.  But then I notice that he's right behind a very old, short, holy man.  They're both dressed in white, and the old man's face is very pale, and they are close together as if the taller man is carrying the old man from behind.  I close my eyes and bow my head to show respect to the holy Elder.  Then after they enter  and walk past, I realize I have my baseball cap on with the hood of my hoodie over it.

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