Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dream: Catfish

I am standing with some other people from work on a wooden deck or platform about two stories above a canal.  I'm facing upstream.

As I gaze at the surface of the murky, grayish-brown water, I get a sense of foreboding that something sinister is lurking underneath.  A red and white buoy attracts my attention.  Suddenly, it sinks under the water, as a bobber might when a goldfish strikes a worm-baited hook.

Then I see a large grayish-brown catfish rapidly approach the surface of the water.  It's huge gaping mouth  emerges as it leaps toward someone a few feet to my right.  I shout a warning, but the fish does not jump high enough to reach us.

Then I see more of these fish, even larger in size, swimming downstream towards us.  The largest one is about the size of a very large retriever.  I feel unsafe.

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