Saturday, March 11, 2017

Dream: Soul Mate

My wife and I are walking together on a gravel path after dark.  We are with a group, but walking separate from the group.  The path leads to a church, and because it's late, we decide to walk to the church and go inside.

Once inside, we see a square, walled-off cut out in the floor.  I can see down into the room below.  There is some ceremony or rehearsal involving choir boys.  My wife has climbed the wall, but she has turned into a young blond man with cat-like moves.  He is on hands and knees as he peers down into the room below as if stalking the choir boys.

Now my wife and I are in a large classroom.  In the center two long folding tables are positioned side-by-side.  Craft materials litter the table top.  There are about eight people sitting at the table working on projects.  I sit down to do the project.  I'm supposed to think of an object that would calm me during a crisis or an emergency.  I think of a tree.  I imagine a small green plastic tree, about one inch tall and nearly as wide, with a circular base.  I imagine it so well it's as if I'm actually holding it.

Now I'm in a dark corner of that same room.  I'm aware of the person next to me.  She has short dark hair, and she is giving off a great deal of heat.  I'm very drawn to her, but I hold myself back from getting very close to her.  I'm aware that my wife is still in the room, but I don't know whether she can see us in this dark corner.  The woman drops her hand, placing it into mine.  I immediately lean over and kiss her on the lips.  The sensation is exhilarating – I have found my soul mate.

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