Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dream: Frisky Squirrels

I'm in the basement. A squirrel is running loose. There is a "woodchuck" that has chomped onto the squirrel. This "woodchuck" looks very strange. It looks more like a large dog paw because there are no eyes or nose.

The squirrel has gotten loose again. Now there are two squirrels climbing on a large bush, like an ancient rhododendron. They are chasing one another. The one in the lead is climbing vertically, spiraling around the main step of the bush. The other is in more direct pursuit. I figure this is some sort of mating dance, and sure enough, the pursuing squirrel starts boinking the other.

My daughter is sitting right next to the bush on a lounge chair, and she's almost directly underneath the squirrels. I'm getting concerned, but it's not because I'm afraid she's seeing something sex-related. Rather it's because the squirrels have worked up a frenzy of activity. They might fall out of the branch on top of her, or some "fluids" might spray on her.

Now the squirrel notices her. He grabs his little pistol in his paw and aims it at her tauntingly. I can't believe what I'm seeing. My daughter thinks it's funny. She gets a crazy idea to lean forward and offer her open her mouth as a target. "No!," I think. "No!," I shout. But it's too late. The squirrel shoots a drop into her mouth.

My daughter is a bit stunned. She walks over to me asking me what to do. "You didn't swallow it?" She shakes her head. "Then spit it out," I say.


Tirsden Frozenrayn said...

...and I thought my real-life squirrels living in the air vents was bad...

hopefully that didn't influence this dream xD

either way, any time I see a squirrel now I just want to punt it =/

Square Peg Guy said...

Hi Tirsden:

We are plagued by squirrels. They go after the bird feeder. Fortunately, none have entered the house or the attic, although we had a chipmunk running loose a couple of times.

Thanks for commenting!