Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Huge Gaping Hole Where The House Was

Every time I return home from vacation I get worried as I make the last turn onto our road. I imagine that our home was destroyed, and that nothing is left but a huge gaping hole and smoking ruins.

This time the hole was real.

Our pet sitter called on Thursday night to tell us that our youngest pet cat was not moving and his breathing was very shallow. Then the emergency vet called to tell us that he died.

Our daughter was devastated. Our other cat is too nervous around her and avoids her. But Inky would sleep with her.

He was the quintessential lap cat. He was not shy around strangers, and he became tolerant of the dog quickly.

We had him only one month, but we loved him dearly. We thought about our pets during our entire vacation. I couldn't wait to get home to pick up Inky and feel him melt into my arms and purr contentedly.

He was a bit small, but he left a huge gaping hole in our hearts.


Tirsden Frozenrayn said...

AWWWW MAN!!!! ;____;

Well, y'know what they say... cats have nine lives. Might see him again. ^..^

Square Peg Guy said...

Yes, I think we will, some day.

Thanks for commenting.

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

oh, I am so sorry about your dear, dear kitty cat! I lost three of my cats in the past two years, so I know how devastating it can be!

Square Peg Guy said...

Hi Petra:

Losing three kitties in two years must have been very difficult for you.

Thanks for sharing that.