Sunday, June 28, 2009

Inflammation -- Friend or Foe?

We've been taught that inflammation is bad. First aid for a sprained joint, torn ligament or a strained muscle is RICE -- Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation, all of which is meant to inhibit inflammation. A NSAID (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) also is recommended.

I've always wondered about this. After all, our bodies have the ability to heal themselves, don't they? If you cut yourself, the initial bleeding flushes out
infectious agents. Then the blood coagulates and forms a tough covering, a scab. After a week or two, the scab becomes itchy, and we scratch it off (but only when our mothers are not watching).

Our body's inflammatory response to injury also promotes healing. The pain causes us to rest the area. The inflammation keeps the joint immobile while the increased blood flow brings about repair.

So it's not surprising to me that there's an injury treatment that involves intentionally bringing about inflammation to promote healing. It's called "Prolotherapy".

But what is surprising and interesting is that in order to induce inflammation, the therapy involves injecting dextrose directly into the affected area. What's so interesting about that? Well, dextrose is a ubiquitous food additive made from plant starch, most likely corn here in the USA. So if dextrose causes inflammation when it's injected, what does it do when it's ingested?

All I can tell you is what happens when I eat things that contain dextrose, such as certain deli meats and Doritos. I get brain fog, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, and even runny nose.

My advice is this: run away from "food" that contains dextrose. Or any processed food, for that matter.


rummuser said...

SP, I will starve if I were to avoid dextrose. I am an Indian (The original version) and vegetarian!

Anonymous said...

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Square Peg Guy said...

Hi rummuser:

It does take a bit more effort to avoid processed food. One casualty of our fast-paced living is a good diet. And that avalanches into health problems eventually.

Thanks for commenting!

Square Peg Guy said...

Thanks, Zeeshan!