Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dream: King of the Bees

I'm in the backyard with my daughter. We're waiting for a special event, like Solstice. Suddenly I notice an elephant walking around the yard. I exclaim to my daughter, "Look at the elephant..." As I say this, I notice that it has a very long neck, like that of a giraffe. I do a double-take and realize there's also a giraffe walking alongside the elephant. So I add "...and the giraffe walking around the yard!" There are also smaller animals, perhaps a dog and a cat, trotting with the larger ones.

Our neighbor's tool shed lies in the center of the open space formed by our yard and our neighbor's. My daughter and I decide to hide behind it, using it as a sort of blind so as not to scare the animals. But then the neighbor shows up. She's a tough woman of middle-age, with short light brown hair, perhaps of Irish decent, like our dog's breeder. It is her tool shed, and I'm worried that she'll be upset about us being so close.

Now the tool shed takes the form of an octagonal gazebo. The neighbor diverts my attention to the ceiling, where there are a bunch of bees swarming. We need to get out of there, so I make my get-away. But one bee has gone down my back. The woman pulls it out from my waistband as she runs behind me. I realize that she has an ulterior motive. She wants to inject me with bee venom in order to turn me into the King of the Bees. I pretend I don't know this, and I allow her to get the bee to sting me in the right upper arm. I try to notice any effects from the sting, like superpowers. But all I notice is that some large white letters used as signage on a fence have disappeared or turned red.

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