Saturday, December 11, 2010

Guide to Safe RF

Our daughter must receive a cell phone for Christmas this year. Otherwise, disaster will befall the entire world, and perhaps several neighboring ones, as well.

I really don't like the idea of cell phones. Why?
  • Because we got along fine without them twenty years ago, and now we've been brainwashed into thinking they're a necessity.
  • Because a cell phone is yet another thing to carry around; like an umbrella, a pair of gloves and sunglasses, it's something to leave behind or lose.
  • Because it's something else that will become obsolete and require an upgrade.
  • Because the service is another drain on our family's fiances.
  • Because it needs recharging.
  • Because it emits powerful RF energy.
It's this last item that bothers me. No one really knows what the long-term effect is of being exposed to all the Radio Frequency (RF) energy that a cell phone emits. When I said this to my wife and daughter, my wife responded with, "I carried one in my pocket for work for years and nothing happened to me." Of course we both realized immediately how poor that argument was -- my wife's strange bouts with inflammation started not long after we got the second cell phone.

Anyway, if you're concerned about cell phone safety, here's an article that you can read. It's called Is Your Health on the Line?

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Silly Girl said...

I have the same concern. thanks for the article.