Wednesday, July 6, 2011

SDP: Goop for Ceramic Stove Tops

My dad was a machinist. I recall that he had something called Goop that he could put on his hands before work so that when they got dirty, they'd be easier to clean. It was a sort of protective film for his hands, like an infinitesimally-thin, dissoluble glove.

Ceramic stove tops are the most difficult things in the kitchen to clean. The microscopically rough surface of the ceramic makes liquids soak in and bind, leaving a residue that's nearly impossible to remove. Even water leaves a stain!

Amazing how the manufacturers of these stoves market them as being easy to clean. The old range top we had was easy to clean. I'd just wipe the enamel-painted surface with a wet sponge and it looked like new in about five seconds. Now we need to apply a special, expensive stove top cleaner and scrape with a razor!

My idea is to create a Goop-like film that could be applied to the stove top so that it would repel spills, or at least make them easier to remove.

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