Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dream: Encounter with the Sorcerer

I am on the property of a very powerful and dangerous sorcerer.  A woman is with me.  We enter the house.

It is inevitable that the woman and I will be attacked in some way.  I search the house.

I am facing the sorcerer's chief minion, another very dangerous being.  I know that he will attempt to destroy me.  I have been trained as a healer and a shaman, but I've never prepared for an encounter like this.  I'm not sure what I should do.

The creature raises its left arm with its green, skeletal hand extended out ominously toward me.  I stand tall, relaxed, centered in my power.  Green, thick, fuzzy beams of powerful electrical energy shoot from the hand and zig-zag toward me.  How do I defend against this, I wonder?  I simply hold up my hands as if to block the beams.  And then I find within my heart Peace and Love.  Love is my defense.  I surround myself with it.  I direct Love toward the creature

The beams have no effect on me.  I counter with two successive "Tiger Claw" strikes at its face, first right-hand then left-hand.

The creature collapses into a ball, so I pick him up and put him down somewhere else.

I still have the main sorcerer to contend with.  He is present, but he may be disguised even as an inanimate object, so I look around carefully for anything that seems out-of-place.  Then I see on the floor in front of me a pair of yellow vinyl or plastic objects, each about the size of a hand.  This is the sorcerer, and I am surprised that this form is the best he could come up with.  I stomp on the objects to crush and destroy them.

What I thought would be an easy victory turns out to be a bit of a sticky situation, literally.  The objects ooze a great deal of thick, sticky, viscous fluid, like RTV or rubber cement.  It's on my shoes and lower pant legs.  I stand near the garbage can and scrape the stuff off with paper towels and pieces of scrap paper.

[I woke up with a heavy feeling in my chest, which, seven hours later, still bothers me.]

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