Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dream: Trees in the Street After the Snowstorm

I'm at home at night with my wife.  A severe snowstorm is approaching and then ensuing.  The small trees in front of the house are moving.  They're not swaying but actually moving -- changing position -- going from left to right, from my perspective at the front door.

It's the next day after the snow storm.  I go out the front door to assess the conditions and clean up.  My wife / mother refuses to join in because I did not prepare properly.  I begin to shovel the driveway near the house, but the snow is just a thin layer of slush.  And as the sun gets stronger, the driveway gets clear and then dry.

I set aside the snow shovel and walk to the end of the driveway.  I see one small tree right in front of the driveway, about three or four feet into the street, planted in the asphalt as if it were soil.  Two other trees are also in the street, similarly planted.  One is about 10 feet to the right; the other is 10 feet to the left.

I think it's my duty to cut the trees down.  First, they pose a hazard to motorists.  Second, we can't get our cars out of the driveway.  But my wife has come out and suggests leaving them there.  The cars on the street can easily avoid the trees, and our cars can fit past the tree that's blocking the driveway if we go a bit over the curb.  The town crew can and should take care of the situation.

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