Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dream: Bicycling Alongside the Highway

I'm bicycling with two friends on a path alongside a highway, which is on my left.  I'm in the lead.  It is nighttime.  I go under a bridge, but my friends have gotten stuck under the bridge by a concrete wall that lowered, which is serving as traffic control in place of a traffic light.

At first I decide to continue on, but a bit slower -- they'll eventually catch up to me.  But then I pay more attention to the wooded area on the right side of the path.  The dense undergrowth comes right up to the edge of the path.  There could be a dangerous animal stalking nearby, or, worse, a human.

So I make a U-turn and head back.

We're riding along.  Again I'm in front, but the others are close behind.  We come to yet another underpass, and, again, the traffic control is forcing us to stop.  I'm tempted to blow through it, but I decide not to so that I won't leave my friends again.

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