Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dream: Bees on the Estate Grounds

I'm outside, visiting the grounds of an estate, walking around the house / building.  Perhaps I'm part of a school class trip, because at one point I'm strolling around with a school boy my own age.  We notice some scat on the unkempt back lawn.  We start to wonder what animal made it.  "Bear" comes up, and it reminds me about a scene in an animated movie that I saw a long time ago.  I describe the scene to him.  It involved a conversation about a bear who was timid about pooping.  I act out the part of the bear, pretending to look for a comfortable place to poop.  The deer he was with told him that he just had to relax and not think about it.  And while the deer was explaining that, his poop was dropping out in a graceful arc.

We walk further, clockwise around the estate, until we're nearly in front, but still on the side.  I'm studying the ground carefully now, because this is where I started my outdoor tour, and I recall seeing many interesting bees nearby.  I love bees.  We reach a rocky path, on which many bees are crawling.  It's difficult to find a clear space to step.  I see a "mamma" bee that's about the size of a squirrel.  I know it's a mamma because there are so many normal-size bees attached to it.  I urge the boy I'm with to be careful.

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