Friday, January 2, 2015

Pam Grout's Red Pill Corollary

I just finished reading Pam Grout's E-Cubed, which features ten "experiments" on the law of attraction, a subject I view with much skepticism.

I tried the "Red Pill Corollary" first.  In this experiment, the reader attempts to encounter eight items, which are listed at the link.  I'd been hearing the belly laughs (the first item) while reading that section of the book, because my daughter had a friend over for a social visit.  So I wondered if it might actually work this time.

The number 222 came a bit unexpectedly.  I was supposed to drive my daughter to another friends house so that she would arrive at 2pm.  But we were running late, about 20 minutes late.  So I wondered if we might arrive at the house at 2:22pm.  But alas, we were still on the road at 2:21 and still several minutes away.  So I figured I'd look again at the clock in another minute.  But the next time I looked, the clock was at 2:23pm.  So I missed it.  But after I dropped off my daughter and while I was driving back home, I glanced at the side of the road right at a sign for house number 222, which I just happened to be driving by.  I enjoyed that little twist of fate from The Universe.

Unfortunately, the other six items were not to be discovered.  Well, technically I suppose the billboards I saw had messages for me -- they're designed to have messages for everyone.  But the messages I saw did not seem directed at me, as the author's text implies.

I suppose there was a smiling baby on at least one of the Christmas cards we received, and if I wanted to, I could've looked through them again to find it.  But I don't think this experiment is supposed to work that way.

But anyway, the other items never showed up.  I'm sure they'll show up for some people, just based on probability.  And nearly everyone will see a few items, as I did.  But we probably won't bother to report our failures.  However, those who saw all eight items probably will report their successes.  And so, the experiment will appear to be a success, en masse.

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