Friday, July 24, 2015

Mindful Peeing

Mindful Peeing (mahynd-fuh pee-ing) -- the practice of being fully present and aware while urinating.
Of all the things I could chose to be mindful about, peeing is my number one focus right now.  Why?

One recurring, central theme in my dreams is the act of peeing in an inappropriate place or in a bathroom in which the urinals are unusual, odd, bizarre or extremely broken.  I usually don't report them here very often.

My goal is to always become mindful when I have the urge to pee and while I pee.  Then if I have another dream in which I pee, I can easily induce a state of lucidity.

Besides, I've nearly given up being mindful at all times.  I hoping that I can achieve this goal of mindfulness during the few moments that I take the time to pee.

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