Friday, September 25, 2015

Dream: Falling Behind in the RF Microwaves Course

It's the first day of the RF Microwaves course.  My colleague from the engineering society, CB, is teaching the course.  Several coworkers are also taking the class, and SK introduces CB, saying that she will also apply to our company for a job.

I have a pen but no paper.  "No worries," I think to myself.  "I'll just find some blank photocopy or printer paper."  But as I look around the room, I don't see anything like this.  I see piles of used papers, so I get up from my seat to look through them, hoping to find at least one piece that's blank on one side.  But even the scraps of opened junk mail envelopes have handwriting on both sides.

Then I see a cardboard box with stacks of pads of lined paper all wrapped in cellophane.  I cut the wrap with my pocket knife and take one pad and return to my seat.

The lecture has begun.  The professor has already written on the board so I need to catch up.  But the "board" is a wooden board in some dark finish like walnut.  The professor's chalk marks barely leave a mark.  In addition, to my dismay, the paper that I found is dark maroon.  My black pen marks are barely discernible on it.  I wonder, how I can do well in the class if I can't even take proper notes on the first day?!


Zazzy said...

Interesting dream. And having read the very interesting creation story in your other post, I have to ask, what would Kutcha say?

But seriously, while dreams are best interpreted by the dreamer I have two observations. 1) there is a tremendous amount of frustration and helplessness in the dream, and 2) at no time did your dream self ask for help.

Square Peg Guy said...

Thank you so much for your perceptive comment, Zazzy!

I seem to face frustration and helplessness in real life, and I rarely ask for help. The dream is a perfect mirror for my life.

That out in the open, if I really were in a classroom and couldn't see the writing on the board, I would definitely change my seat or speak up.