Saturday, November 5, 2016

Dream: Widow Maker

I awake early.  It's only about 4:10am, and there's no chance I can fall back to sleep quickly.  I get up and go outside wearing nothing but my T-shirt and undershorts.

It's light out already.

I walk to the right side of the house.  Something about the trees looks “off.”  Then I look up and notice that one of the trees isn't even touching the ground.  It's actually a “widow maker” -- a huge branch that broke off and is now hanging in mid air.  It's so huge that it's the size of a tree.  I make a note of not walking below it from now on.

A truck pulls up in front of the house.  It's the landscapers!  On a Saturday!  And I'm outside in my underwear!  I rush inside to hide from them.

It's later in the day.  I'm outside with my wife, again on the right side of the house.  I point out the widow maker after she walks underneath it.  Then I grab a long pole and use it to pull the widow maker down.

Our outdoor party has begun.  I get distracted by some young boys next to a white plastic folding table. They want me to drink a soda.  I really don't want to, but I don't want to hurt their feelings, so I stall.  Then I realize that I can be very entertaining by “preparing myself” to taste-test the soda.  I clear my throat, lick my lips and smack them.  I do increasingly more bizarre things like humming through my throat and then through my nose.  I shake my head vigorously so that my jowls flap about.  I hum again though my nose.  But then I notice that the humming doesn't stop – I can't make it stop!  What great excuse not to drink the soda – a nasal sound that won't go away!  I apologize to the boys and walk away.

[As I awoke, I found out that the humming was due to a leak of my CPAP mask.  The sound was coming from the silicone seal, which was vibrating.]

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