Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wednesday Weigh-In 20161116

I've given up on making home made low carb ice cream. Now I do something easier and better. I make flavored whipped cream. I combine liquid stevia* with a flavorful ingredient and add heavy cream all in a really good jar, such as a clean 16 ounce almond butter jar. Then I just shake, and shake, and shake. Eventually it thickness and turns into a great filling dessert! I used Madagascar vanilla extract on Sunday night and got something that resembled Talenti Gelato Tahitian Vanilla ice cream. Last night I used a nutmeg grater to pulverize a thumb-sized piece of raw ginger and added that to get a ginger ice cream knock off. Really good heavy cream costs about $7.30 per quartz (or $3.65 per pint). But the cream's volume increases by at least 50% using this method. So you don't need 1 pint of cream to get 1 pint of dessert -- 12 ounces is sufficient. And frankly, when I start with only 1 cup of cream, I get more than enough dessert for a serving. So it turns out to be much cheaper than good quality ice cream.

* I have powdered stevia, so I add a tablespoon of very hot water to liquefy it before I combine ingredients.

Waist = 40.75"
Height = 5' 9"

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