Saturday, January 7, 2017

Sweet Mayo Experiment

We did some entertaining over the holidays.  My wife refused to serve the homemade mayonnaise I keep on hand, so we bought and offered the guests a popular commercial brand.

I tried some of it out of "professional curiosity."  Gosh, it was so sweet!  A glance at the ingredients list confirmed my suspicions:  sugar was the sixth ingredient.  Yet it's still nearly all fat.

I was curious if I could make a "sweet" batch of mayonnaise.  I decided to use 100% pure maple syrup so that the recipe would still be paleo if not ketogenic.  I added only a teaspoon of the maple syrup to the other ingredients.  Sure enough, that little bit of sweetener altered the taste to make it seem more like the popular mayo that sounds like "Bell Menz".

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