Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Busy Body

I'd hate for this blog to degenerate into just Shadow Shots and Weigh-ins. But I've got some many other things clamoring for attention. Aside from the job, the family and the pets, there are all these hobby-chore-thingies:
  • Books to read.
  • Two book reviews to write.
  • Office furniture to buy or design & build.
  • Yet more decluttering.
  • Serve as leader of a professional organization.
  • Get a new website design squared away.
  • Serve as treasurer for my daughter's Girl Scout troop.
  • Photography.
  • Income tax returns (with probably a decent refund due).
  • Maintain art website.
  • Fix leaky flapper valve.
  • Replace carpet in LR.
  • Get back on diet and exercise plans.
So I apologize for taking longer to respond to your comments. I do read every one because I get them e-mailed to me. Eventually I'll write those reviews and get bored with the art site. Then I'll return to this in fuller force. Anything's better than getting back into the weight loss habit!

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