Friday, January 1, 2010

Creative Plumbing

Creativity is clearing a partially-clogged toilet using only a few buckets of water and the plastic tear-off strip from a 27 lb container of Tidy Cat scoopable Cat Litter.

I do have a snake for sink drains, but they tend to scratch toilets.

And I don't care if your tampons say they're flushable -- don't flush 'em!


ericdbolton said...

Just had my 3rd daughter. There will be a sign posted in the bathroom in about 10 years that says the exact same thing..

Cleaning Supplies said...

I usually use Liquid Plummer Gel like Drano to remove all the clogs. The Turbo Snake is also another great solution to your slow drain.

Square Peg Guy said...

Good luck, Eric!

Thanks for the tips, CS.