Monday, February 15, 2010

Howard the Spirit Guide

My wife enjoys reading Sylvia Browne. If I'm between books, I'll read them, too, as you can see from my LibraryThing collection. I enjoy them because they're easy to read, entertaining and a bit thought-provoking, but I don't take them too seriously.

In the latest book that I'm reading, Contacting Your Spirit Guide, Sylvia writes about her spirit guide, Francine, and how you can meet your own spirit guide. (A spirit guide is an entity who is assigned to help you through your time on Earth.) She provides meditations (which are really just daydreams) that are meant to help you find out who your spirit guide is.

I'd gotten to the meditation part of the book late Thursday evening. I was incredibly relaxed. Barely awake, I read the first exercise, effortlessly visualizing as I went along (as I always do with non-technical books). I experienced (in my mind's eye) the warm, secluded beach, the palm tree that I sat against, the sand that I dug my toes into, the tropical sun that drenched me with warmth, the slow rhythm of the waves, etc. Right on cue, my spirit guide came out toward me. He was a tall, large black man with a head that was small compared to his body, the hair on it (the head, that is) short and black. He was wearing an white suit with a maroon turtle neck shirt, incongruous for the beach. Through a brief telepathic exchange, I found out that his name is Howard.

Since then, I can sense him nearby. But I don't actually see him as Sylvia can. He road with me to and from work, his head sticking through the roof of my wife's compact car. But I hardly talk to him the way Sylvia talks with Francine. I'm not really interested in finding out anything about "my chart" or past lives. I'm not sure I'd believe any of it anyway.

My wife spent hours with candles burning and mind-numbingly soft music playing, yet she could not meet her guide. My daughter couldn't do it, either, although I'm not sure how much time and effort she put into it. So my wife and daughter want me to find out who their spirit guides are because, at this point, they think their spirit guides abandoned them. I think I sensed that my wife's spirit guide is female, but that's all I could get. I suspect her spirit guide just got so frustrated from my wife not paying attention (and doing the opposite of what she's told) that she might've abandoned her.

So that's what I've been up to lately. How about you?

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