Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dream: Ready to Sing at Church

I'm in the church, at the very back, for the first time since I quit the choir. I've agreed to sing with them, and I'm holding the music. The accompaniment starts, but it doesn't seem to be for the song that I have the music for. I wonder if I should stand next to the other basses, who are at the very front and opposite side, which is strange since all the other choir members are nearby.

The director starts conducting a group of string players that are in the pews in the center of the church. It's clear now that I won't be singing.


I'm visiting someone who works at a diner. I'm ready to leave, but then the owner approaches me. I notice that I have a piece of cake with cream topping in my hand. I suddenly realize that I was about to leave with this piece of dessert without paying for it! Yet I don't remember picking it up -- I'm sure someone put it in my hand without my noticing.

My first impulse is to try to hide the cake and clean my hands of the cream topping, or ignore the owner and run out the door. But that would only give a greater impression of guilt. So I simply stop, turn and respond to the owner as casually as if nothing was wrong.


Now outside the diner, I decide to walk somewhere. It is dark and this area is unfamiliar to me. I don't live here, but I'm staying here temporarily. I need to cross a very big intersection. There are four lanes of traffic going from left to right, and there are two other lanes going the opposite way further away. Traffic is stopped in the four-lane portion of the road because the light is red. I walk across without a problem.

But the other two lanes are open and unrestricted. I see an occasional car speed through. I have to be very careful here.

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