Sunday, May 16, 2010

Growing Up, Part 1

The theme for yesterday's edition of Studio 360 was "Growing Up." In the track, Martha Plimpton reads audience responses to the prompt, "I realized I was a grown up when..."

When did you realize that you're a grown up?


wanderlust said...

There are lots things that make you feel like a grown up, your first checking account, your own apartment. Traveling to a foreign country by yourself. Paying bills, buying cars, etc. But my ultimate rite of passage into adulthood was when my mother died and I inherited her estate. It wasn't just the sudden shock and responsibility of owning property. It was the loss of a parent. Even though I'd been out of the house and on my own for fifteen years, I had never felt like such a grown up before in my life.

Square Peg Guy said...

Yes, wanderlust, I think that's it for me, too. I'm only 46 years old, but I lost my father over 20 years ago, and my mother died two years ago. There's no one around that I can relate to in the role of a juvenile.

Thanks for responding.