Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dream: Single Mom with Precocious Child

[I had this dream several days ago, but it still stays with me.]

I'm in a large department store or supermarket. I ask myself out loud, "Where am I?"

I hear a little voice answer, "If you pay me, I'll tell you."

I see a small girl, so small she appears as a toddler. She's adorable, with a cute smile. I smile back and say, "What expense would you incur that you'd need to be reimbursed for?" But that's clearly way too advanced, because I find myself explaining the concept of getting reimbursement and receipts and invoices.

An attractive woman shows up with an older, teen/tween girl. I presume she's the girl's mother and the teen the sister. She's got short brown hair and a very friendly smile, very much like Maggie O'Connell of Northern Exposure.

Somehow I find out that her husband died recently. I feel an overwhelming attraction to this woman, but I remember that I am married and don't try to flirt or otherwise engage her.

Then we're outside in a park-like setting, but on the edge of a parking lot. She is sticking out of the open hood of a car that's parked there. Only her head a shoulders are visible. I decide to kiss her, but she is weak and dizzy. I presume it's from carbon monoxide from the car engine. She swoons and sinks into the car.

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