Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dream: Spirit Entity in Closet

I'm staying as a guest in a large mansion.  I'm standing near the front entrance on the inside.  There is a closet to the left of the huge, double-door entrance.  The mansion owners have locked a nice spirit entity in the closet, and now she is knocking and calling to be let out.  I would like to release her, but I don't want to displease the owners.  They are not in the room with me, but they would know that I released the spirit.  There are other people who are also staying as guests.  They are very kind like me.

The others arrive. In the hubbub of their entering, I open the closet, and the spirit emerges.  In appearance she is a lovely blonde woman, radiant and warm and happy.

It's later.  All of us are getting ready to embark on an outing in the countryside.  I'm standing behind two golf carts.  The friendly folks are in the golf cart on the left, which seats four.  The owner and his cronies are in the cart on the right.  It has a few empty seats, so I decide to ride with them, reluctantly.  But they start to speed away.  I guess I'll walk, partly relieved.

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