Sunday, March 3, 2013

Car Crash at the Street Corner

I wake up to the sound of construction machines and their beeping.  It's odd because today is Sunday, so I get up (I can't sleep anyway), and I go to the large window in the living room to see what's going on.  Although I can't see anything going on, I can hear that the sounds are coming from the street corner.  I slip on my old pair of sneakers and toss on a jacket and go outside.

I'm at the corner where Philips used to live.  I see a large blue sedan on the opposite corner on Redmond's property.  It's spun around so that it's facing me, and slightly crumpled.  I can see a woman inside.  She's wearing eye glasses -- large, dark, plastic, cat eye style frames.  Her eyes are frozen open in surprise.

There are four grapple hooks somehow stuck into the four corners of the car as if it's going to be picked up by a crane.

Now I'm on a long school bus slowly approaching the other trucks.

I enter the house that the construction crew is working inside.  They are working in the first room right near the front door on the blue carpeting.  The house is huge and sports a cathedral ceiling in another part of the house.  An enormous Christmas tree fills the room that has the cathedral ceiling.  I think it's totally ostentatious, but I refrain from commenting out loud in case the owner is nearby or in case someone in the crew has a similar house.

I walk through the house.  Now it's my aunt's house.  She is preparing a huge Thanksgiving feast.  If she invites us to visit, I will decline saying that we have our own dinner planned, even though we don't have any.  But the topic doesn't come up, so I walk back to the first room.  I see a plastic threaded ring on the floor -- a piece from our vacuum clearer.  I pick it up and say to the crew that it's a piece from our vacuum cleaner.  I say this because I think they're looking for evidence, and I don't want them to think that I'm trying to hide anything.

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