Sunday, March 3, 2013

Concrete Stairwells with Red Trim

I'm on the school campus on a special day in which the schedule is different.  I find a classroom from outside the building.  I open the brown louvered doors along the back of the classroom.  Then there's another set of them, and another after that.  Finally I get inside, after attracting much attention.

Off to the side I see a wooden bathtub with yellowish shower curtain.  The side of the bathtub is undulatingly curved.  And I notice that there's a puddle of water on the floor up against the side of the bathtub.  The floor is also wooden.

I need to go to the next classroom, but it's in another building.  I have the room number written down on a small piece of paper, and it's hard to read.  I'm distracted by a gun in a box on the floor.  Then when I look closer, it's a box full of plastic toy gun parts that are yellow and dark green.

I leave the classroom and the building.  I walk toward another building that I think might be the one I need to enter.  But the name on it isn't right.  Perhaps I need to go around it.  I ask a nearby student and she tells me to follow her.

So I follow her and she leads me to aonther building.  We enter and I find myself in a narrow stairwell with concrete steps and red painted metal railing and trim.  All the stairwells in these buildings look like this.  She runs down the stairs encouraging me to follow.  I know this leads to a place of entertainment like a night club or game room.  I say, "I know where this leads.  I'm not going to follow you there!"

I run out of the building.  Now she's following me, and I try to lose her.  I duck into another building and take a sharp left turn to run up a narrow staircase.  But as I climb I find myself exposed to bright sunshine.  I reach the top.  Before me is an enormous water slide.  I'm fully clothed and have sneakers on.  I can't possibly go down the slide.

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