Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dream: Aunt & Uncle at NYC Church

It is Christmas time.  My wife, daughter and I are driving through NYC on our way home.  We decide to stop and visit a church.

I'm walking up a double-wide set of outdoor concrete stairs, which are covered by snow.  I consider stopping to clear them, but instead I decide to continue on my way.

I enter the church with my daughter.  I had dropped off my wife and plan to meet her inside.  But it's so crowded that I enter a smaller chapel adjacent to the main sanctuary.  Hopefully my wife will find us, but I doubt it.

My daughter begins talking nonsense.  The fact that she's loud and saying bizarre things makes her seem blasphemous.  I try to quiet her down.

As I sit passing the time, I suddenly see Uncle D. and Aunt E. walking toward us, dressed in Sunday attire.  I catch their attention and they walk over to me and greet me.  I kiss my aunt's somewhat ancient hand, and I move to hug and kiss my uncle, but he leans away.

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