Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dream: Sudden, Unexpected Downpours

I'm standing in the back doorway of my childhood home looking out.  There are two people sitting at a wooden picnic table in the backyard, in front of me and slightly to my right.  One is a man and one is a much older woman.

I look at the sky in the west, while the sun is setting in the opposite direction in the east.*   The view is amazing.  There is much moisture in the sky.  I see a rainbow in front of a line of white clouds.  The rainbow itself is straight, not curved.  And in front of that I see floating islands of dark grey clouds with long, smokey tendrils hanging down.  And I can see volumes of sudden, intermittent heavy rain, too.

I call out to the two people, "Sudden downpours are coming!"  But they carry on talking as if I they didn't hear me.

And then the rain does come, heavy and pounding, so I step all the way inside and close the door.

* Apparently, the entire house and the land it's on is turned around in the opposite direction.  Or the sun really does set in the east in this dream world!

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