Monday, November 10, 2014

Dream: Scattered Like Bones at a Reckless Dig

My co-worker JR, our lone female engineer, is a cast member of a science fiction TV show.  She is stranded on a planet with other crew members after the spaceship they were traveling in crashed.  She is standing in front of me wearing the uniform that's she depicted in every week -- a mostly-white jumpsuit with a solid red triangular feature that points up to the collar and tapers down on the left and right symmetrically at 45 degree angles.

Now I'm in the training room at work, waiting for PD to show up to provide the weekly training to the class.  Instead, a substitute arrives.  Class begins quickly and I struggle to keep up.  He shows us a mnemonic to help us remember something.  It's "MO" in the numerator and "SO" in the denominator, although I'm not sure what it's supposed to remind us of.

He has written some detailed notes on the board.  But I've not copied them down yet -- I wanted to listen to his explanation first.  Unfortunately the board has changed into a scene at a paleontologist's dig in a desert.  And his notes are now a pile of bones partly submerged in the sandy soil.  Some people approach the bones and dig very recklessly, dislodging and scattering the bones.  I realize with dismay that now they are a jumbled mess.  I know very little about digs, but I do know that bones are supposed to be uncovered very gently.  These guys are doing it wrong -- they've messed up big time.  But I'm the one who's been shortchanged by their mistake.

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